Throughout 2012, ECI and its network of eleven national Copper Development Associations operated with an industry provided budget of $17.3 M (€12.5 M) to develop and carry out promotional and regulatory affairs activities across the region. 

In addition, European resources within the Copper Alliance managed a $1.0 M budget for projects targeted at impacting the global demand for copper. 

The International Copper Association, representing the world’s leading mining companies, independent smelter/refiners and semi-fabricators, provided 80% of the annual industry budget. Over 100 partners, both academic institutions and industrial companies, continue to provide strong support for ECI’s Leonardo ENERGY program, which broadly promotes the sustainable generation, distribution and use of electrical energy. 

2012 was the fifth year in which our efforts benefited from a grant from the United Nations Global Environment Fund. The GEF awarded $12 M to the ICA, over a five-year period, to promote the use of solar thermal energy technologies in six countries around the world (Albania, Algeria, Chile, India, Lebanon and Mexico).

Other key projects, supported by significant funding from partners outside the industry, were:

• A partnership with the Economic Community of West African States, worth $0.9 M/year from 2012 through 2014, to support the setting of technical standards and advocacy on energy efficiency;

• The second, worth $3 M/year for 2012 through 2014, with the Clean Energy Solutions Centre, a joint initiative of the United Nations and the Clean Energy Ministerial, to promote policies and programs that 
encourage the transition to a global clean energy economy;

• And, the third, worth $0.7 M/year with FISUEL, the International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users, to raise awareness of the positive impacts that mandatory inspections of residential electrical installations have on reducing fires, deaths and injuries.