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Can patination of the copper be prevented?

Applying a lacquer is not recommended, particularly when large areas are considered. Lacquers will require regular maintenance over the life of the roof.

Curious about copper

This publication looks into the intriguing world of copper and reveals how one of the world’s most reusable resource plays a vital role in enabling many aspects of our lives.

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Copper Industry Calls for New Approach to Reduce EU Carbon Emissions

ECI’s plan identifies strategies for seven copper-based technologies that could deliver substantial carbon reductions in the downstream industrial, residential and service sectors. Fully implemented, the plan could reduce EU CO2 emissions by 25%, or 1,100 million tonnes per year, by 2050, versus 2011 levels.

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Contribution from EUROMETAUX to the stakeholder consultation on methodology for Commission decision determining the list of sectors and subsectors deemed exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage for the period 2015-2019

Eurometaux, July 2013

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Copper Alloys for Marine Environment

Copper alloy mesh aquaculture cages improve the sanitary conditions, productivity and sustainability of operations for farmers raising salmon, trout, sea bream, sea bass, cod, cobia, yellow tail and other species

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Copper Alloys used in Marine Applications

The aim of this publication is to provide engineers with an appreciation of copper alloys commonly used in marine applications. It will provide an overview of the range of alloys and their properties, and give references and sources for further information.

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