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Copper-Zinc Alloys for use in Marine Aquaculture

Copper-zinc Ultra Resistant (UR) properties make it an ideal choice for aquaculture cages. Upon prolonged exposure to seawater, it forms an adherent protective oxide layer that helps increase water flow.

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ETS allowances – Cross-sectoral reduction factor (CSRF) : Europe needs an industrial vision, not another burden

Eurometaux, September 2013

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Does copper harden when stored for long periods of time?

Copper will not harden during storage; it does not have a shelf life.

ECI 2017 Annual Report

The European Copper Institute (ECI) coordinates a team of professionals based in offices across Europe, and works closely with its copper industry members on regulatory matters and market development programmes. Our 2017 report provides an overview of who we are and how we operate, and presents our main activities throughout the year.

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ECI Annual Report 1999

ECI’s progressive shift towards better integrated activities brought significant results in 1999. While the promotional programmes boasted an increase of focus on innovative applications, the Environment and Communications programmes started providing industry with more effective tools for increasing awareness on copper’s benefits. ECI started positioning itself as an authoritative voice on copper at a European level, both with the institutions – by working closely with EMCI (Eurométaux Copper Industry) – and with consumer industries by suggesting novel joint activities.

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ECI Annual report 2000

What a century for copper ! 2000 will remain a memorable year. It brings to an end a successful century in which copper has played a fundamental role in worldwide economic development. Back in the early 20th century, who would have thought about the multiple applications & technologies now applied by electrical wire ?

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ECI Annual Report 2001

Virtually every European citizen benefits from copper. It is an integral part of our daily lives, for example in energy distribution, in heating and lighting, in our appliances, telephones and computers. The majority of us have copper tubes that provide drinking water for our families. And, we can all appreciate the beauty of a copper roof. At 4.7 million tonnes, European markets accounted for one third of the world’s copper demand during 2001.

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ECI Annual Report 2002

This is a challenging time for the world’s copper industry. The slowdown in the economy has prompted further corporate restructuring and resulted in significant demand reduction. Effective promotion and defence of copper therefore become even more important. The positioning of our products against competitive materials and the responses to EU regulatory developments require the industry’s continued support for ECI’s activities

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ECI Annual Report 2003

European demand for refined copper in 2003 totaled 4.7 million tonnes, up 1.3% versus 2002. Given the slight fall in the European Industrial Production Index, this supports a sustained increase in the intensity of copper use across the Region.

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